Monday, October 8, 2012

Putting Pen to Paper

         Did you know that most bloggers suffer from OLP - Opening Line Paralysis? They have a million thoughts buzzing in their head, but have no clue how to kick off. Needless to say, I'm one of them. I actually just googled - "how to begin a blog post". Pathetic....I know. I keep thinking about so many things at the same time.....but strangely none come to my mind when I want to pen them down. So, I decided to write them down whenever I can remember.
        I have always had difficulty putting pen to paper. Being an introvert did not help either. Creative/essay writing, composing letters, drafting emails etc. have never particularly been strong pursuits of mine. Nor have debates, elocutions, group discussions, or even something as simple as starting a conversation. The beginnings are always the trickiest part for me. Reminds me of English exams in school. I spent precious minutes just thinking of the title and an effective beginning. They hardly ever came easily to me. Not surprisingly, I almost always left my essays unfinished.
        I find it strange that I struggle with writing because, I loved languages. We had English, Hindi, Marathi, and Sanskrit in school. I loved to read....still do. I used to read language text books when I got bored of studying Geography or Economics(my least favorite subjects). Of course, that was before I graduated to novels and other texts. Its probably my reticence ...thus my inability to put my thoughts across effectively.
        Blogging is something I had been contemplating for the longest time. There are numerous things that I would love to share and learn in return. So I thought of maintaining a diary of my thoughts by blogging, so that some day I can leaf through them with a smile.....


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