Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some Watercolor last

I am a novice at painting and sketching. I had been having this mental blocks for months before I was finally inspired to start painting again. Here are some of my recent paintings...all are referenced from other sources of course.

Medium used: I have used watercolor on paper for all three paintings

Don't Let Go: This painting pretty much sums up my situation right now. No. I'm not explaining.
I used Kory Fluckinger's book 'Watercolors for the first time' as a guide for this painting.

Radha Krishna: An attempt to copy Rachana Saurabh's(from The Essence of Arts) original painting

Radha Krishna: For this painting I used painter Jamini Roy's original work as a reference.
Here's hoping I will always make time for things I love doing.

Khap-khun-kha Thailand

 Some random clicks from my trip to Thailand :)

Para-sailing at Koh Larn
Para-sailing at Koh Larn island: Thats me! :)


Pieces of corals collected from the beach.

Nong Nooch village
A view of the Nong Nooch village

Thai Cultural Show
Beginning of the Thai cultural show

Beautiful bright colors

This kitty sneaked up on us every time we returned to our hotel room.

Sunshine Resort, Pattaya
Sunshine Resort, Pattaya

Look as if its saying Sawadeekah :D

BMW Tower at Bangkok

tuk tuk
Me with by friend in a tuk tuk

Wall Graffiti on the streets of Bangkok. No idea what it means.

Erawan shrine
Locals at the Erawan shrine, Bangkok
One blog post would not suffice to write about this trip :)