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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some Watercolor last

I am a novice at painting and sketching. I had been having this mental blocks for months before I was finally inspired to start painting again. Here are some of my recent paintings...all are referenced from other sources of course.

Medium used: I have used watercolor on paper for all three paintings

Don't Let Go: This painting pretty much sums up my situation right now. No. I'm not explaining.
I used Kory Fluckinger's book 'Watercolors for the first time' as a guide for this painting.

Radha Krishna: An attempt to copy Rachana Saurabh's(from The Essence of Arts) original painting

Radha Krishna: For this painting I used painter Jamini Roy's original work as a reference.
Here's hoping I will always make time for things I love doing.

Khap-khun-kha Thailand

 Some random clicks from my trip to Thailand :)

Para-sailing at Koh Larn
Para-sailing at Koh Larn island: Thats me! :)


Pieces of corals collected from the beach.

Nong Nooch village
A view of the Nong Nooch village

Thai Cultural Show
Beginning of the Thai cultural show

Beautiful bright colors

This kitty sneaked up on us every time we returned to our hotel room.

Sunshine Resort, Pattaya
Sunshine Resort, Pattaya

Look as if its saying Sawadeekah :D

BMW Tower at Bangkok

tuk tuk
Me with by friend in a tuk tuk

Wall Graffiti on the streets of Bangkok. No idea what it means.

Erawan shrine
Locals at the Erawan shrine, Bangkok
One blog post would not suffice to write about this trip :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mangalore Galore!

      How many of us want to relive our childhood memories?? I know I do...the fun memories at least. I did exactly that on my recent visit to Mangalore - my native place.

      Mangalore...just the name brings back so many recollections of the past. We visited Mangalore during vacations. Interestingly, I hated the place as a kid. Well, not exactly 'hated', but I was never really thrilled to visit either. The moment we set foot in the city, I would ask my parents when we would be heading back home. Don't get me wrong .... the place is beautiful. Being a city girl, I couldn't help but think of it as a sleepy weepy village far away from civilization (of course, this was much much before the IT boom). Relatives in Mangalore thought we have returned from a distant planet. They'd be surprised we could speak fluent Tulu - our native tongue. I would never recognize or remember who is who (our visits were few and far between). And Mum would ask if I recognized this "uncle" or "aunty"? knowing full well that I had no was her little game. Worst of all was the humidity. I just hated it. That is exactly what I hate about Kerala and Goa (actually Mumbai too !!) as well. Breathtaking views everywhere but the tropical climate is definitely not to my liking. I'd sweat like a pig and it drove me crazy. Not to mention the insects and vermin... Phew! Was I ranting ?? Okay I was. Got carried away....

         I might have grown up disliking my native land, but a few recent visits seem to have changed all of that. My first 'sojourn' in a long time was in May last year when I went (somewhat reluctantly) with all my aunts and cousins for a family outing. We never got a chance to go shopping. But had a good time all the same. Not just the stay but the journey also was enjoyable. Dotted with coconut trees, quaint gable-roofed houses, temples, churches, and beaches Mangalore city is a photographer's delight. The next two visits were over the last two weekends with my mother. They were hurried stopovers at best. But I had a great time taking in the atmosphere and beauty of the place.

       Here are a few random clicks .....

       These are a few pictures of the mimosa shrub (also known as "touch-me-nots" or "sensitive plants") the fold/droop inwards when touched. As a child, I would walk all along the paths covered with these shrubs with one hand outstretched to lightly touch all the mimosa leaves within my reach, with my fingertips, and the leaves would fold inward when touched. I remember how delighted I would be at the sight of the leaves closing in. It was a favorite pass time. I couldn't help revisiting the memory lane... :)

Mimosa: Touch-me-not

         These were clicked early in the morning on the bus ride.

Rise n shine

            That's my uncle's house (left). Its surrounded by lush green fields ...and that chair is his favorite place(right) where he spends time time reading his newspapers and catching up with friends.

Home sweet home

           My mom and aunt walking away into the sunset.

A walk to remember

          Coconut grove......

Coconut grove

Some more clicks...

More clicks

        The pictures send into a space of tranquil. A nice place to visit if you need a break from the city crowds. Quiet and picturesque, it simply leaves you wanting more...


Monday, October 8, 2012

Putting Pen to Paper

         Did you know that most bloggers suffer from OLP - Opening Line Paralysis? They have a million thoughts buzzing in their head, but have no clue how to kick off. Needless to say, I'm one of them. I actually just googled - "how to begin a blog post". Pathetic....I know. I keep thinking about so many things at the same time.....but strangely none come to my mind when I want to pen them down. So, I decided to write them down whenever I can remember.
        I have always had difficulty putting pen to paper. Being an introvert did not help either. Creative/essay writing, composing letters, drafting emails etc. have never particularly been strong pursuits of mine. Nor have debates, elocutions, group discussions, or even something as simple as starting a conversation. The beginnings are always the trickiest part for me. Reminds me of English exams in school. I spent precious minutes just thinking of the title and an effective beginning. They hardly ever came easily to me. Not surprisingly, I almost always left my essays unfinished.
        I find it strange that I struggle with writing because, I loved languages. We had English, Hindi, Marathi, and Sanskrit in school. I loved to read....still do. I used to read language text books when I got bored of studying Geography or Economics(my least favorite subjects). Of course, that was before I graduated to novels and other texts. Its probably my reticence ...thus my inability to put my thoughts across effectively.
        Blogging is something I had been contemplating for the longest time. There are numerous things that I would love to share and learn in return. So I thought of maintaining a diary of my thoughts by blogging, so that some day I can leaf through them with a smile.....